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Put the iPhone 8 next to the iPhone 7 and subtle changes like the new glass back or the revised aluminum sides or the trim around the camera lens, they kind of fade away. Take part now and you could be among the lucky contestants to get hands on iPhone X Free.It takes using the 8 and 8+ to see where they stand out, and I’ve spent two days doing just that.

A lot of reviews have already gone up, so I’m not gonna retread all the stuff you already know about the iPhone 8. The new IOS 11 operating system, the true tone display, the spec sheet, this is stuff you can read about. And I’ll suss out the important bits in the second half of this review, landing next week.

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For now, I want to talk about the three main standouts that have stuck with me during my time with apple and their two iPhone review devices. To a great many of you, the first one is gonna be the least important.

But you know what? I don’t care. I love it. Since Apple introduced it in 2009, wireless charging has been one of the most misunderstood smartphone features. And I’m not gonna relitigate the case here, but I suspect Apple fans will already understand what I mean when I say this should have been on the iPhone years ago.

The zen-like simplicity of ditching fiddly cables and ports for just placing your phone on a pad, it seems especially well suited to the iPhone. To be fair, even mighty Apple isn’t immune to the drop acts of physics.

The charge rate is just as slow as the included wall adapter. Slower than the fast wireless charging on the newest Samsung phones. I still think it’s great that iPhone users now have the option though, and Apple’s halo effect means we should see more wireless chargers pop up in more places now

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Fun fact, you can charge the phone without taking your case off, which is nice. The second and by far the most noticeable standout, the iPhone 8’s cameras.It wasn’t immediately apparent just how much better they are, because Apple is still using LCDs for displays on these. Those colors just don’t pop as much as the OLED screens on some Android phones. But the iPhone team and I did an awful lot of photo and video capture with the new iPhones, putting them side by side with shots from Android flag ships, and I was surprised to see how often the iPhone photos came out on top in terms of detail and low light performance.

I need to spend more time with this to decide how I feel about it, but I don’t expect I’ll label it a must have feature. Making up for that are the video upgrades. Shooting 4k in 60 frames a second is something even my primary studio camera can’t do. And I filmed for 20 minutes straight with an A+ without it breaking a sweat. And there’s slow mo in full HD at 240 frames a second. I’m sorry for getting all numbers heavy on you, but those numbers give you video like this, which you can’t get at the frame rated resolution with any other phone right now

Review on the brand new iPhone 8

iPhone X features:

  • 5.8″ Super Retina bezel-less display
  • Facial recognition
  • Superb wireless charging
  • Brand New and improved dual rear camera
  • Dust and Water resistant
  • Beautifully crafted glass body
  • Introduction of iOS 11

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